Day 28: Out on the Playa

The “playa” here in Surprise Valley refers to the desert part of the Valley; more specifically to the dry, prehistoric lake beds that run up and down the length of the Valley floor. We – my friends Barbara, Ray and I – drove far out onto Middle Lake this evening. Barbara and I painted; Ray read, went exploring and critiqued our paintings. I didn’t expect the riot of vibrant greens, ochres, yellows, purples and blues that awaited us and grew ever more brilliant as the sun began to descend. What a stunning, peaceful place! I could paint out there for weeks and never want for new subject matter.

Late Light on the Playa, oil on linen, 11″ x 14″. Click here to see more pics of our desert adventure:

photo -a

Barbara and me setting up:

photo 3

Ray & Barbara:

photo 2

Me painting, followed by Ray exploring:

photo 1

















photo 4