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View of San Francisco from Alameda

This was the third painting I did on this first day of the Alameda Plein Air Paintout.  I had only a couple hour slot in which to paint and, since it was clear and not very windy, I headed over to the beach. View of San Francisco from Alameda. Oil on linen, 6″ x 8″

View of the Bay from Noe Valley

Excited to be back in the city painting cityscapes. Today was a warm and brilliant day in San Francisco. I stood on the corner of Hill and Sanchez streets and faced east, towards the Bay, Oakland and beyond. See Mt Diablo there behind the palm tree? View of the Bay from Noe Valley, oil on […]

Day 33: Big Parade in Lake City, CA (read all about it):

Well actually there’s not that much to say; the pictures say it all. It was followed by a great BBQ and potluck in the local church yard.  Check it out. First pic is me with Ray and Barbara March:                

Day 31: Pastel Pastures

Today’s another hot one. This morning I drove north about 25 miles to Fort Bidwell, CA, a charming, pastural enclave close to the Oregon border, lined with Victorians, white picket fences and the old Army fort (no longer used) that kept the Indians at bay. I was feeling sleepy and not very ambitious and was […]

Day 30: Summer’s Palette.

It’s July 1st and like clockwork the temperature soared to 100. I drove 10 miles south to Mary and Roger’s ranch, where only last week I painted dramatic storm clouds while keeping warm with multiple layers of clothing. The weather swings wildly in this place, but it seems that summer is now here to stay […]

Day 29: Last Light on the Mountain.

A lethargic day, as my recent rather hectic painting schedule caught up with me. The weather turning hot didn’t help. When the temperature started to cool this evening, I sat out on the lawn in front of the house and did this relatively quick little sketch of the fading light on the Nevada mountains to […]

Day 28: Out on the Playa

The “playa” here in Surprise Valley refers to the desert part of the Valley; more specifically to the dry, prehistoric lake beds that run up and down the length of the Valley floor. We – my friends Barbara, Ray and I – drove far out onto Middle Lake this evening. Barbara and I painted; Ray […]

Day 27: The Old Flour Mill

It was an honor to paint this historic building today in Lake City (Surprise Valley). Built in the late 1860s, it’s one of the oldest buildings in California. It survived as a mill until the 1960s, but by then was barely holding on to its much diminished operations. It’s one of the symbols here in […]

Day 26: Storm clouds passing through…

It’s becoming clear to me through the painting I’m doing here in Surprise Valley – through the subjects and compositions I’m choosing – that, for the most part, I’m trying to express the sense of vast, wide open space here, the grandeur of this sweeping landscape, its power and majestic qualities. These are some of […]

Day 25: Fog and drizzle.

It was windy, cold and drippy this morning. I set up my easel on the driveway outside the back door, but it started getting drizzled on. So I moved it under the overhang and painted the view of the foothills draped in fog.  I had a small panel painted dioxazine purple, which I thought would […]